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Tips for switching to winter time

Daylight Savings Time will end and winter time will start in the night from Saturday October 24th to Sunday October 25th, 2020. As you know, we then turn the clock back an hour. How nice: an extra hour of sleep! But how does this affect our health? Here are some tips to switch to winter time !!

According to various studies, the transition from summer to winter time and vice versa is detrimental to our biological clock and our health. But with the following tips you will get used to it quickly.

  • Getting up can cause some inconvenience, because it is still so dark outside. So try to wake up as bright as possible in the morning. Provide plenty of light, open your curtains immediately in the morning and turn on many lights.

  • A light alarm clock can also help if you have trouble waking up. Such an alarm clock simulates the sunrise and you will wake up more peacefully because of the slowly getting brighter light.

  • Exercise and sport enough, preferably in the morning and not in the evening. Intensive sports are allowed, but taking a walk or cycling to work or school also counts. During exercise, your body produces endorphins, which makes you feel more energetic.

  • Have regular meals and eat at set times. That sounds boring, but research shows that routine activities use 10 times less mental energy than non-routine activities. You thus save energy.

  • Create the right atmosphere in the evening. Dim the lamps, do not watch television for too long and use your smartphone or tablet as little as possible and no longer than two hours before you go to sleep. Your body then produces enough melatonin to sleep well.

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