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Recycle Week 2020 - Checklist: How to recycle at home

This year's theme of Recycle Week is 'Together - We Recycle'.

During this week, we recognize the sacrifices that key workers and citizens have made during COVID-19 pandemic to keep recycling going and create positive change in the world around us.

In the article below, you can find a checklist on how to recycle at home.

Checklist: How to recycle at home

1. Find out what you can recycle

  • Find out what you can recycle from home and where your nearest recycling drop off point is.

  • Find a handy place to store the waste.

  • Make sure you encourage everyone in your house to think whether items can be reused or recycled before they're thrown away.

2. Recycle on your doorstep

  • Most of us have household recycling collections, so if you don't already have a recycling box or bag provided by your local council, it's worth calling them and checking with them!

  • Find out from your council what day your recycling will be collected and mark the date on the calendar.

3. Stop unwanted mail

  • To stop receiving unsolicited advertising mail, contact the local mailing preference service.

  • Be aware when giving your name and address; ensure you indicate you don't want your details to be used for future promotions or passed to other marketing agencies.

  • Place a sticker on your letterbox stating that you do not wish to receive promotional printed mail.

4. Think before you shop

  • Think about how you can reduce your waste. For example: purchase items with less packaging, or second-hand items.

  • Buy things that will last longer rather than a disposable item.

  • To avoid taking home more carrier bags, choose reusable shopping bags.

Recycle from every room in your house

There are lots of items in your house waiting to be recycled that can make a huge difference. Here are some examples:


  • Drinking bottles - empty and rinse

  • Washing-up liquid bottles - empty and rinse

  • Bleach bottles - empty, replace lid

  • Surface cleaner bottles - rinse and replace the trigger spray 

  • Washing liquid and conditioner bottles - empty and rinse

  • Aerosols tins of furniture polish and air fresheners - ensure empty and remove plastic caps (recycle with plastics)

  • Empty dishwasher tablet boxes and kitchen wrap boxes - flatten to save space in your recycling bin


  • Toothpaste boxes - flatten

  • Toilet roll tubes - flatten

  • Plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles - empty and rinse items, replace lids/tops

  • Shower gel containers - empty and rinse items, replace lids/tops

  • Liquid soap bottles - empty, rinse and remove pump dispenser (throw pump into the rubbish bin)

  • Bleach bottles - empty, replace lid

  • Bathroom cleaners - rinse and replace the trigger spray 

Living room

  • Envelopes

  • Newspapers

  • Cardboard packaging from online shopping - remove packaging tape and flatten to save space in your recycling bin

  • Air fresheners


  • Empty tissue boxes - remove any plastic insert and flatten

  • Old magazines

  • Empty deodorant aerosols and hairspray - ensure empty and remove plastic caps (recycle with plastics)

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