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Pamper yourself with a hand care

Do your hands and nails need a little extra love, or do you feel like pampering yourself with extensive hand care? With these care tips you get beautiful hands and nails, as if you just came from the beautician!

Cleaning, exfoliating and removing nail polish

Wash your hands and nails with soap and water. Also clean your nails with a cuticle pusher. Scrub your hands, this is allowed up to 3 times a week. A scrub removes the dead skin cells and ensures a smooth skin. Dry your hands well afterwards to get started.

Is there any leftover nail polish on your nails? Then take it away with a cotton pad dipped in nail polish remover. Choose a remover without acetone, because it is a lot milder for your nails. Acetone removes your nail polish, but also strips the natural oils from your nails. This will dry them out, making them brittle and break more quickly.

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Cut and file nails

Cut your nails shorter to the desired length and file the corners until they are nicely smooth. Always file one way instead of going back and forth, as zigzagging makes the nail plate prone to splitting. File from the edge inwards for the best result.

File your nails with a glass file. This has a very fine structure, so you close the cuticle and protect the nail edge. Another advantage of the glass file is that it does not wear out and you can simply rinse it with water.

Push cuticles back

Push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. Be gentle and, if necessary, use nail scissors to remove loose skin. Tip: Soak your nails in a bath with some olive oil for 10 minutes to soak your cuticles. This way you can push them back more smoothly, and it also nourishes your nails.

Optional: polishing nails

To give your hands that extra beautiful look, use nail polish. Polish your nails in a cheerful color, or opt for a translucent polish for a neat appearance.

It is important that you use nail polish correctly.

  • First apply a transparent base coat to protect your nail plate. Often there are also additional ingredients, such as vitamins. Advantage: A base coat ensures that your nail polish can adhere to something, so that it will last longer.

  • Polish your nails with a thin layer of nail polish. Start in the middle and put some pressure on the brush so that the hairs spread nicely and follow the arch of your nail. Polish towards the end: first the middle, then left and then right. Let it dry well.

  • Apply a second layer if the nail polish does not cover nicely, or if you want a more intense color. Allow to dry well again.

  • Finish your nail polish with a thin top coat. This ensures that your nail polish lasts longer and shines more beautifully.

Tip: Never polish the full length of your nails, but leave a small edge on the cuticle. That prolongs the nails optically and shows more elegant.

Use a nourishing hand cream

Is your nail polish completely dry? Then finish your hand care with a moisturizing hand cream. Take your time to massage your cuticles, palms, fingers, and wrists in circular motions. Relax completely while the cream absorbs into your skin. You can also massage a drop of cuticle oil on your nails to nourish them extra.

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