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Organic September - Easy ways to start an organic lifestyle

Updated: Sep 19

Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming, which include: 

◾ Supporting biodiversity and wildlife

◾ Helping to combat climate change

◾ The highest standards of animal welfare

◾ Reduced exposure to pesticides

◾ Food as it should be, and food you can trust

Easy ways to start an organic lifestyle

There are so many ways you can start an organic lifestyle, from learning more about what organic means and sharing this knowledge with friends and family, to supporting the organic farmers in your local community and learning to grow your own at home.

  • Get to know what organic really means and why it really matters: Did you know organic food has to follow strict legal standards, to make sure it's always better for animals, wildlife, soils and plants? Learn more about what organic is and why to choose organic.

  • Opt for organic: Choosing to support local organic farmers and producers is one of the most simple forms of direct action you can take. When you choose organic, you're choosing to support nature and our planet, biodiversity and the highest standards of animal welfare.

  • Eat with the seasons: Eating more seasonally is a great way to reconnect to the rhythm of the natural world, as well as reducing the food miles of what's on your table.

  • Try eating vegan or plant-based: It can have a positive impact, not just on the environment, but also on your health.

  • Grow your own: Even if you missed out on this summer’s harvest, it’s never too late to start sowing your own seeds, so why not try something new? You can just use your food scratches from vegetables, fruits and herbs to start growing your own. Read more by clicking here.

  • Turn your garden organic: Use peat-free compost or create your own and plant some pollinator-friendly plants. It's one of the easiest ways you can champion healthy soils and biodiverse wildlife populations from the comfort of your home.

  • Choose for sustainable beauty: Look out for the Soil Association symbol to be sure you're supporting businesses that don't test on animals or use controversial chemicals, parabens and phthalates, synthetic dyes or fragrances.

  • Start a zero waste lifestyle: Reduce your waste, reuse materials and recycle as much as possible. Find some useful information and tips to challenge yourself to get started with a zero waste lifestyle, by clicking here.

  • Find joy in nature: Organic is all about harnessing the incredible power of nature, so reconnecting to the everyday wonders of the natural world is an important step in reconnecting with where our food comes from. Whether it’s a weekend walk amongst the trees or a foraging expedition, building an insect hotel with the kids in your garden, or taking the scenic route to work - get back to your roots and start sharing in the joy of nature! Learn more on how to connect with nature.

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