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June 3, 2020 World Bicycle Day

As lock-down restrictions are lifted, Europeans are turning to bicycles in an effort to avoid crowded public transport during the COVID-19 pandemic. As it is World Bicycle Day, here are 7 reasons to cycle.

Why World Bicycle Day

Regular physical activity of moderate intensity – such as walking, cycling, or doing sports – has significant benefits for health. Meeting the needs of people who walk and cycle continues to be a critical part of the mobility solution for helping cities detach population growth from increased emissions, and to improve air quality and road safety.

The bicycle is a symbol of sustainable transportation and conveys a positive message to foster sustainable consumption and production, and has a positive impact on climate.

7 Cycling Reasons


Your bike runs on muscle power, not fuel. More cycling therefore means less greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air and a better environment.

2. FOR YOUR HEALTH - Live longer and healthier!

Cycling has significant health benefits. You get better lung capacity and resistance, and your joints are not burdened.

3. FOR YOUR HAPPINESS - Stimulate your mind and body!

Cycling regularly gives you a good feeling because exercise improves mental health. While cycling, your body produces the happiness hormones endorphins and serotonin.

4. FOR A CLEAR HEAD AT WORK - More creativity and concentration!

No time wasted on traffic, searching for a suitable parking space or sitting on a crowded train, tram or bus automatically ensures that cycling employees are faced with less stress.

Just you and your bike! A moment for yourself that increases your creativity and concentration throughout the rest of the day.

5. FOR YOUR WALLET - Save on your transportation!

Rising fuel prices, maintenance, insurance, taxes: it does not have to be said that driving a car is much more expensive than driving a bicycle.

Except for the purchase of your bicycle and an occasional repair, cycling hardly costs you anything. And you save an expensive fitness subscription for your daily dose of sports. In addition, many companies provide a bicycle allowance to employees who cycle to work.

6. FOR A SMOOTHER MOBILITY - You are often faster by bicycle!

Cycling improves your mobility at short distances up to 7 km. Because believe it or not, you often get to your location faster by bike. You don't have any traffic and you don't have to drive around for hours to find a parking space.

7. FOR A TIGHT FIGURE - Reduce your chance of being overweight!

Cycling increases your fitness by 13% and keeps you on weight! You no longer need that expensive fitness subscription for a slim figure.


Bike Week (June 6-14, 2020)

Bike Week, delivered by Cycling UK, is an annual celebration to showcase cycling. Thousands of people all over the UK enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike. More info on https://www.cyclinguk.org/bikeweek.

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