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How to grow your own pineapple plant

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

To brighten up your house or garden, you don't have to buy expensive plants or trees at all. It is much more fun and cheaper to grow your own plants and trees. Have you ever thought about growing your own pineapple plant?

How to grow your own pineapple plant


1 pineapple 1 glass or vase 4 toothpicks


  1. Remove the crown from the pineapple. Usually you can easily turn it off the fruit. If this doesn't work, you can also cut it out. Make sure that all the pulp is gone, as this can rot and the plant will die.

  2. Cut the leaves at the bottom of the plant to about 3-4 cm high.

  3. Insert the four toothpicks 2-3 cm from the bottom into the plant and balance the plant with the toothpicks on the edge of the glass or vase.

  4. Fill the glass or vase with water until about 2 cm from the bottom is in the water.

  5. Place the glass or vase on the windowsill or above the stove in a sunny spot.


After a few days the first roots become visible and after about 8 weeks they are long enough to place in a pot with soil.


  • When the roots are long enough, the plant can be placed in a pot with soil.

  • Keep the soil moist and regularly moisten the leaves.

  • In the beginning, the leaves will probably turn brown, at this time it is best to water a smaller amount several times a day. Pineapple plants are true survivors, but to perform well, they do require sufficient attention.

  • How long it takes before the first pineapple starts to grow depends entirely on how you care for the plant. With good care, a pineapple can grow within a year and with slightly less good care it can take up to 2-3 years.

  • When your pineapple is growing, beautiful flowers will automatically appear. From this point on, it will take about 6 more months until you have a full pineapple. In the beginning the size of this may be a bit disappointing, but you will see that the more you get a pineapple, the faster the process goes.


  • In the summer you can put the plant outside so that it gets a lot of sun, but avoid temperatures below 10 ° C. Pineapple plants do not tolerate the cold very well.

  • Download this guide.

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