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Healthy sleep

Our current lifestyle demands a lot from us. Always available, flexible working hours and a busy schedule. That is why a good night's sleep is very important. It makes us feel fresher and more cheerful the next morning.


The need to sleep long or short varies from person to person. There are some factors that influence this, such as age or the type of work you do. Therefore, the quality of sleep is more important than how long you sleep. Between five and nine hours of sleep a night is enough to feel fit during the day. You have to learn to listen carefully to the signals from your own body, you feel best when you have had too little sleep.


Waking up in the middle of the night, waking up from your sleep way too early or difficulties with falling asleep, often people over 30 suffer from this. Many people experience sleeping problems, and sometimes these sleeping problems are of a chronic nature.

Most sleeping problems are caused by pain, stress and complaints of a psychological nature. There are also other causes that can cause sleeping problems, such as a bad mattress, the temperature at which you should sleep, noise from the outside or certain habits, such as drinking coffee or alcohol and eating too much before going to sleep.

Getting too little sleep for an extended period of time can cause your body's immune system to collapse and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and depression. It also has many negative side effects, such as daytime fatigue, concentration problems, performance degradation, lethargy, irritability and restlessness.

It also often happens that people who normally have a good healthy night's sleep experience sleeping problems for a short period of time, their rhythm is interrupted for some reason. Try to find out if there are certain habits that maintain your sleeping issues without even thinking about it.

What are the signs of sleeping issues?

  • less than 4 hours of sleep per night

  • major issues to fall asleep

  • repeatedly waking up at night and having trouble falling back to sleep


While sleeping, the hormone melatonin is released, causing the body to switch from day to night mode. Meanwhile, our body and our immune system recovers. We digest food and store all experience in our brains. Our body also produces a hormone that burns fat and strengthens our skin.

Is a power nap in the afternoon healthy? A short power nap is very healthy. It improves concentration and performance for the rest of the day. Do not sleep longer than 30 minutes, because if you sleep longer you will achieve the opposite.


  • A good bed with a good mattress is important.

  • Provide adequate ventilation and a comfortable temperature in your bedroom.

  • Make sure you can make it dark and quiet in your bedroom.

  • Wear comfortable nightwear. It should not pinch or itch.

  • Do your best to reduce stress and worries. These decrease the quality of your sleep. You can calm your thoughts by, for example, meditating before going to sleep.

  • Avoid caffeine about six hours before you go to sleep. Herbal tea, on the other hand, is a very good idea.

  • Go to bed without feeling hungry, but not with an overly full stomach.

  • Do not drink too much before going to bed, then you have to get up to pee.

  • Avoid all devices with a screen (such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV) at least one hour before sleeping.

  • Go to bed when you get sleep in the evening.

  • If you are unable to sleep, get out of the bed and do something quiet until you get tired and get sleepy, such as reading or listening to music.

  • Try to keep a steady sleep rhythm as much as possible.

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