• Kim Bresseleers

Happy Father's Day

On Father's Day, our sweetest dads deserve their moment in the spotlight. And that means lots of gifts and pampering.

Father's Day is celebrated in honor of fatherhood and is celebrated on different days depending on the country. In most countries, it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. But there are also countries that celebrate it on the second Sunday in June or on March 19.


There are hundreds of reasons why your dad is the best.

  • He is always there for you.

  • He is your all-round handyman.

  • He loves you unconditionally.

  • He is funny and makes you laugh when you have a dip.

  • You can always count on him.

  • He gives you the best advice.

  • He will always stick up for you.

  • He will always protect you.

  • He taught you so much.


Do you have no idea what to give to your dad this year? This is certainly different in times of corona with social distancing. Here are some tips.

  • send a letter or card to really tell how much your father means to you

  • plan a video call with an aperitif or a game, for example

  • buy an original personalized gift such as printed socks or mug


During this period you cannot escape it: everywhere you are reminded of Father's Day. Extra painful if you have to celebrate this special day without a dad. You can do this in your own way, even if he is no longer there. For example by:

  • putting a flower by his grave

  • preparing his favorite dish

  • doing things he liked

  • viewing old photos

  • inviting family

I hereby wish all fathers in the world a happy Father's Day. Get pampered and enjoy!

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