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EASTER 2020 : Easter tree

More and more people are putting an Easter tree to bring the Easter atmosphere and spring into their home. Usually this concerns a bunch of flowering spring branches in a large vase with all kinds of colorful Easter decorations.

Where did the idea come from?

The ancient Germans worshiped the may tree to celebrate the awakening of nature and the beginning of spring. The fresh green spring branches represent the belief in life, renewal and change. And because eggs are a symbol of fertility and vitality, your Easter tree is the ultimate ode to spring and life.

When should you put an Easter tree?

Some people use Palm Sunday as the date to put the Easter tree. That is the last Sunday of the fasting (the Sunday before Easter). However, there is no official date to set the Easter tree. Not even to remove it, by the way. Most people leave it for two to three weeks, even after Easter.

How do you make a decorative Easter tree yourself?

There are few or no rules to make your own Easter tree. What do you need? Spring branches, a vase, decoration and your creativity.

  • The gracefully curled branches of the curly willow are most often chosen for an Easter tree. Of course you can also use other branches and even from your own garden.

  • Choose a sturdy vase for the curled branches, because with Easter decoration they can get quite heavy.

  • Eggs naturally belong to the branches of your Easter tree. You can also use Easter figures, feathers or flowers. Just let your creativity loose.

Should you water your Easter tree?

There is no minimum or maximum temperature for an Easter tree. It is wise to keep an eye on the water level. If you water your Easter tree, they will quickly develop beautiful green leaves and roots will form. This way you can easily plant them in your garden or a large pot afterwards.

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