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EASTER 2020 : Brunch table

Still looking for inspiration for an Easter brunch table? Here are some tips that can help you with this. Enjoy brunch!

How do you determine the style of your brunch?

  • Start from the theme or from what you like best: If your brunch has a theme, then base it on that. No theme? Then think about what you like.

  • Go treasure hunting in your own house: Before you go to the store to buy all kinds of accessories for your brunch, it is best to look around in your own house. Often you will still find things that you can use.

  • Choose 1 main color and 1 accent color: To get a balanced and harmonious result, it is best to concentrate on 1 main color and 1 accent color. Different shades of the same color are also possible.

  • Get inspired: Get inspiration from magazines or Pinterest.

The perfect Easter table

  • Start with the basics! Serve everything on your raw wooden table or use a linen tablecloth for a more chic effect.

  • Choose a nice set of dishes. Choose calm colors.

  • First put the essentials on the table, such as wooden cutting boards or serving plates, egg cups, napkins ...

  • Find some eye-catchers. Decorate your table with a large vase with your Easter tree, an iron quote on a stand or a tea light with a cheerful message.

  • Add the finishing touch. Sprinkle some loose decoration on your table, such as Easter eggs or down feathers.

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