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Digital Detox: how to find balance?

Digital technologies make our lives easier, but we don't always deal with them smartly. We spend more and more time online, rather than together. That is why more and more people want to reduce digital media and take measures. Do you think a digital detox could help you look at your media use in a different way? That's how you can do it.

Digital technologies are an essential part of our lives. And there are also many useful aspects: you can collect a lot of information in a short time via the internet, it is relaxing, there are things that save us time,… In short: they also enrich our lives. Therefore, it is not easy to part with it.

A digital detox is interesting to discover what you can still enjoy without those screens. It can be a great opportunity to look for what you really enjoy doing.

Some facts

Research shows that

  • 50% of respondents spend 1 to 5 hours a day using their smartphone, 10% more than 5 hours.

  • 40% check their smartphone a few times a day and 35% do this a few times an hour.

  • many people experience social pressure to be available anytime, anywhere.

  • 50% of their attempts to reduce the use of their screens fail.

  • 75% often consciously insert digital detox moments.

How do you find balance? Here are some detox tips.

  • DOSE: Banning screens from your life every day is unfeasible. Dosing is therefore the message. For example, start with 1 evening a week.

  • ARTICULATE THE POSITIVE: Do not call that one evening a screen-less evening, but make it a game night for example.

  • MAKE YOUR BEDROOM PHONE-FREE: Do you often check your social media at night before going to bed? The blue light from your screen prevents the production of melatonin, a hormone that tells your body when to rest. Moreover, the chance of being tempted in the morning to immediately check social media is a lot smaller if no smartphone is within reach.

  • TURN OFF YOUR NOTIFICATIONS (PARTIALLY): Silence your phone and turn off push notifications from apps. Notifications are cleverly woven into apps so that the brain immediately tends to respond.

  • MAKE CONSCIOUS CHOICES ABOUT WHICH APPS YOU USE: Do you constantly check your phone because you are afraid of missing something? Boredom is also often a reason to reach for the smartphone. A good start for a digital detox can be to (temporarily) remove apps that demand a lot of your attention. If the temptation then becomes too great, then checking via the internet browser offers a way out.

  • DISCARD YOUR PHONE WHILE EATING: Putting your phone away while eating is favorable to the atmosphere at the table.

  • PROVIDE VARIETY: Alternate being online with a walk, reading a book or a conversation with a friend. And when you are online: make a conscious choice instead of an automatic action. Ask yourself: am I really curious about the latest social media posts? Or do I reach for my phone out of boredom or habit?

  • DARE TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS: Children / adolescents need boundaries. It is therefore necessary to make arrangements with your children as a parent.

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