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Daylight Saving time - Summer time 2020

Daylight saving time or summer time starts on the night of Saturday, March 28 to Sunday, March 29, 2020. As you know, the clock will advance one hour. Super: an extra hour of daylight! But how does this affect our health?

According to various studies, the transition from summer to winter time and vice versa is harmful to our biological clock and our health. But with the following tips you can get used to it quickly.

  • As from summer time, go to bed fifteen minutes earlier and get up an hour earlier: this way you will be completely used to the new time in a few days.

  • Immediately find the daylight in the morning: open the curtains and go outside.

  • Avoid light as much as possible when the sun goes down: this is how your body understands that it is about bedtime.

  • Avoid coffee, alcohol or drugs: starting from the afternoon.

  • Exercise regularly: preferably outdoors and before dinner.

  • Eat something light for dinner: to fall asleep easily.

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