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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - This way you ensure a good day routine with your children

The fact that your children no longer have to physically go to school does not mean that they can hang on the sofa or stare at a screen for hours. Even in times of lock down / staying at home, a clear daily schedule is absolutely essential. And now that the compulsory school hours no longer help you in this, as a parent you will have to take care of it yourself. Here are a few useful tips for a healthy daily routine.

Structure is extremely important for a child, because it gives a feeling of safety and peace. A clear daily routine can help your children, but also yourself, to get a grip on daily life again. You should not forget: working from home and suddenly combining the household with a bunch of children wandering through the house is no easy matter. So something like that could use quite a bit of planning.


  • Get up and have breakfast at a set time: It is not because your children do not have to go to school that it is not a good idea to wake them up early and start the day together and have breakfast.

  • Make time for school work.

  • Schedule a video chat moment with the outside world: Social contact is one of the most important things we need as a person. Now that your children can no longer be with their peers all day, it can be fun to think of other ways for them to still be in contact with them.

  • Eat lunch and dinner at regularly.

  • Get out into nature and don't forget to exercise: Sitting indoors can be fun, but no longer coming out is not the best idea either for your physical or mental health. Try to take a moment outside every day (for example, play football or romp in the garden, take a walk).

  • Make time for creativity: Make sure to include a moment in your daily schedule in which children can let their creativity run wild (for example: modeling, painting, drawing).

  • Involve your children in the household: Take a moment a day in which your children help you in the household.

  • Make good arrangements around screen time.

  • Set time to go to bed: Try to get your child to go to bed at about the same time each day. Of course, there may also be a small exception to that rule.


  • Make a to-do list: Encourage your child to check every morning the (new) tasks and write them down, with the deadline and the way in which they have to be submitted. Does your child have specific questions? Encourage him / her to ask the teacher. We must avoid that parents also have to fulfill the role of the teacher.

  • Make a schedule: Afterwards it is important to schedule those to do's. Make a visual daily schedule, with a good balance between homework blocks (of max. 60 minutes) and relaxation.

  • Working in a quiet room: Let your child finish his tasks as much as possible in a quiet place in the house.

  • Give your child sufficient autonomy: It is important to give your children some responsibility, depending on their age. They can handle that. And it also increases motivation.

  • Be mild.

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