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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Stay fit while inside

The coronavirus obliges us to stay indoors as much as possible for weeks. All sports organizations therefore had to stop their classes and activities. But that does not mean that you can no longer exercise. On the contrary: exercise is good for your health, but only if you handle it well.

Exercise is beneficial for a good immune system, which is of course positive during this difficult period. Still, you should pay close attention, because those who only start exercising are just more susceptible to viral infections and respiratory diseases in the first weeks. Of course you don't want that in times of a pandemic with a virus that affects the respiratory system. So exercise in moderation: no more than an hour and without getting out of breath or exhausted.

  • Do you start exercising or do you rather have a sedentary existence? Then start walking and try to jog gently for 100 meters. Build up slowly. It is also best to build up gradually when exercising with a bicycle or a fitness machine. Make sure you don't get out of breath.

  • Do you exercise a lot or regularly? Do not increase your efforts too much. Long, intense sports sessions can negatively affect your immune system. Instead, choose interval activities.

  • Don't forget to warm up and let your muscles cool down

  • After a day with exercise, it is best to rest for a day. This way your body can recover.

  • Include enough healthy foods and drink enough water. At least 1,5 liters per day, but if you exercise that should be a bit more.


There are many possibilities to keep moving and not having to leave the house. Online, there are ways to exercise at home. Do them in the living room, on the balcony or in the garden!

  • Do you have a training device, such as a treadmill or cross trainer? Build up the exercises slowly, especially if you are not used to exercising a lot.

  • Use sports accessories, such as a mat, ball, elastic or weight (tip: use a bottle of water).

  • Take out your jumping rope for a tiring, but effective session.

  • Do abdominal exercises or climb stairs.

  • Boost your fitness with cardio exercises.

  • Play a Zumba session or other motivational video.

  • Practice yoga. This relaxes your entire body.

Keep in mind that it's also important to keep your kids moving. This can be done in game form, for example.


Do you want to take advantage of the outdoors or do you prefer to exercise outside? Then exercise in a quiet place where not many people come. This way you keep it safe for yourself and for others.

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