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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Protect your mental health during times of the corona crisis

This period is challenging for everyone. Daily patterns have been broken, expectations for the future have changed, and you are concerned about your loved ones or your income. And then there is the staying at home. We all miss the direct contact with our most precious family members and friends. Meanwhile, we are inundated with news and information about the coronavirus and the economy, but especially the enormous uncertainty. What can we do to protect our mental health?

Here are some tips that can help you:

Let the news rest for a moment

At the beginning of the corona crisis, the situation seemed to change hourly. New measures were announced on the assembly line and the situation became more and more exciting and radical. Now that the measures have been introduced - and many people are mainly in self quarantine - it is no longer necessary to keep checking the news so often. Viewing the current situation 1 to 2 times a day (via quality media) is sufficient to stay informed. This way you give your brain a little rest in the meantime.

Make time for yourself

  • Mindfulness: By regularly shifting your attention to the moment you will notice that you experience less stress and learn to deal better with uncomfortable feelings.

  • Gratitudes: Write down every day what you are thankful for and why. This will help you shift your attention from the misery to the small, fine things you experience.

Have patience and compassion for roommates

  • Do your best to maintain the atmosphere, be patient and above all communicate openly and honestly.

  • Be a pleasant roommate. Clean up your mess and do little helpful things for each other.

  • Listen to each other without judgment and give each other space to have a bad day or just be cranky.

Take care of yourself

Taking good care of yourself helps reduce depression and mental stress.

  • Keep exercising

  • Eat healthy

  • Get enough sleep

  • Provide sufficient daylight

Limit loneliness

If you find yourself feeling lonely during this time, allow yourself to do what you can to reduce this feeling.

  • Keep in touch through video calling

  • Don't be afraid to explicitly ask for help

Stay busy

Do you feel not well? Then just do something practical and useful. By working with your hands for a moment you move your attention out of your head and away from your negative thoughts.

Live by the day

Everything is temporary - including the corona crisis. In a little while, we will look back on this with mixed feelings and we will share our stories with the next generation. In the meantime, it pays to take the situation day by day. What can you do today to make it a good day? Do that - the best you can. Go to sleep and do it again tomorrow.

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