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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Decorate your home workplace

To slow down the spread of the coronavirus, as many people as possible work from home. Daily practice for some, but for most it takes some getting used to. Not everyone has a professional home workplace. How do you ensure that you can work from home in a pleasant and healthy way? What are the points of attention? Read some tips here.

Get dressed

  • Get ready as if you were going to work to keep your mind as fresh as possible and not leave a lousy feeling at night.

Prepare a timetable

  • Make good agreements, with your environment and with yourself. It is not because you work from home that you can be disturbed.

  • Provide clear working hours and try to stick to it as much as possible, just like in the office.

  • Try to use your time wisely and efficiently. At the beginning of the day, set some goals that you want to achieve by the end of the day.

  • Relax regularly and replace the chat at the coffee machine with a short walk. This way you get new energy again!

Install yourself in a good workplace

  • Work in a tidy, relaxing space where you have as few distractions as possible. For example, if you have an office space, make a place there and avoid the busy kitchen table.

  • In addition, provide sufficient light and air.

Ensure good ergonomics

While there is a lot of attention for ergonomics in the office, this is not always the case for your home workplace. However, working at the kitchen table or even in the sofa is not a good idea for your back, neck, shoulders and wrists during a full 8-hour working day at home. What exactly should you pay attention to, to make your home workplace as comfortable and ergonomic as possible?

  • Make sure that you are not sitting behind the laptop or PC for too long. Variety in work and attitude helps. This can be done for example by calling while standing, reading in a different place, taking something to drink every half hour, or doing a stretch exercise in between.

  • Work with a separate keyboard and mouse.

  • Work with a separate screen if possible or place your screen on a platform so that the top edge is at eye level (possibly using a laptop holder).

  • Provide a good office chair. If you need to work on a regular chair, a pillow in your back can do wonders.

Keep a good balance with the children

If you work from home, it is sometimes difficult to keep the balance. After all, work has to be done, while the children will undoubtedly demand attention.

  • Make it clear when you are working and when they can play. For example, if you work an hour, your child should play alone or do school exercises for an hour.

  • In addition, make household tasks a moment together, so that your child does not start to feel lonely. Do the dishes together, fold the laundry together, ...

Go to bed on time

If you work from home, you can choose your rhythm a bit more freely. That makes it very attractive to hang out on the couch in the evening. Still, it is important to get enough sleep: a good night's sleep is crucial if you want to be able to continue to work in a concentrated and productive manner.

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