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Back to School - Assistance for Parents

The school bags can be packed, the lunch boxes are prepared and homework has to be done again. After a long summer vacation, the new school year is just around the corner. Here are some useful 'Back to School' tips.

Back to school after lock down by covid-19 / corona

The past months have been an unusual period for all students. They did not go to school for months, received digital distance learning and only returned (partially) to their class just before the summer.

Not every student will return from that period in the same way. Some may have built up a learning gap, some may have suffered emotional damage during lock down or didn't feel like returning to school. Therefore, the schools will evaluate the students at the beginning of the school year to see what needs there are.

Extra precautions will also be taken at school to limit the risk of contamination.

  • Is your child getting symptoms of illness? Then contact the doctor and leave your child at home.

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water. Also read: 'How to wash your hands'.

  • Wear a mouth mask if necessary. This differs per educational level.

  • Do not share personal items.

'Back to School' Tips

It is time to get back into the school rhythm. Here is an overview of some useful 'Back to School' tips so that the new school year can start in a calm way.

Normal rhythm:

It is important for children to get back to their normal school routine quickly. So arrange a clear bedtime with them so that they can go to school well rested.

School supplies:

Check whether the school supplies are complete and up-to-date.

  • a good solid school bag or backpack

  • a school diary

  • a lunch box and drinking bottle

  • other items that are required (this varies per school)


Of course there is also a new outfit. This way your child can start the new school year well.

Family calendar:

The first weeks are often hectic, because once the schools start again, the sports lessons (or other hobbies) also start again. Therefore, purchase a large family calendar to make an overview and hang it in a place where everyone can see it well.

Purchase and use of school supplies

School bag or backpack:

The choice of a school bag or backpack and the way children use it can prevent a lot of suffering. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a sturdy school bag or backpack with adjustable straps, a reinforced back and several compartments.

  • Preferably carry the school bag or backpack on your back and always over both shoulders. Make sure that the bag does not hang too low but rests well against the back.

  • Limit the weight of the school bag or backpack and put the heaviest items closest to the back. So keep this in mind when purchasing other school supplies.

  • Limit carrying a heavy school bag or backpack.

  • Have your cycling child tie his/her school bag or backpack to the luggage carrier.

  • Teach your child to lift a school bag or backpack with knees bent.


Choose a beautiful and practical lunch box together with your child, let your child stick stickers on it or write your child's name on it in elegant letters.

Drinking bottle:

A drinking bottle for your child is more than just a gadget. It is a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and a great tool for getting them to drink a healthy amount of water every day. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the size that suits your child and his / her activities.

  • Drinking bottles are available in different materials: plastic (sometimes fully recyclable), stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Opt for a handy cap.

  • Drinking bottles are available in single-walled and double-walled (insulated) versions. The advantage of bottles with a double wall? They keep your drink at its original temperature for longer, are often also suitable for hot drinks or soup, and they limit condensation on the outside of the bottle.

  • A nice drinking bottle with a cool print or favorite color of your child is a commonly used drinking bottle!

Organize and clean up the desk

You would always want to see your child's desk clean and tidy, so that all projects for this year can be completed with the necessary motivation. A well-organized work surface with a minimum of distractions therefore ensures higher productivity. Here are some tips:

  • Collect (shoe) boxes to store school supplies and accessories. It is the intention that nothing remains loose on the desk.

  • Choose neutral school supplies: white paper without drawing or printing, stapler, post-its, scrap paper ...

  • Hang a cork board on the wall, right in front of the desk, to pin to-do lists or important papers.

  • Have a wastepaper basket at the desk to keep the work surface organized.

  • Encourage your child to throw away or recycle worn out school supplies so that they don't keep track of anything unnecessarily or get attached to old junk!

Healthy ideas for your child's lunch box

Are you often without inspiration when you have to prepare your child's lunch box? Or does the lunch box often come home half full, complaining that it is 'always sandwiches'? Here are some fun and healthy ideas. Children are critical. They will already like something that looks good. Therefore sufficient variation in the lunch box is the message!

  • Choose a different type of bread. There is plenty of choice: multigrain bread, wholemeal bread, spelled bread, rye bread, nut bread ...

  • Cut the sandwich into different shapes. For example in triangles, rectangles, strips or use 3 slices of bread with two toppings.

  • Give your child vegetables. For example, a few slices of cucumber or tomato between the sandwich, a large portion of raw vegetables in a well-sealed jar or a few vegetables on a skewer. You can also use cookie cutters for this.

  • Put a dessert in the lunch box, such as a piece of fruit, a fruit skewer, a homemade fruit salad in a tightly closed jar or a homemade healthy biscuit.

  • Dairy products in a small package, such as a soy drink or a jar of yoghurt, are also ideal to take to school.

  • Use a fun and colorful napkin in the lunch box

  • Add a message on special days, such as a short joke, birthday wishes or "enjoy your food with greetings from mom and dad".

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