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The Green Yourself Program

The Green Yourself Program is a personalized program for your journey towards a stress-free, happier & healthier life!


Instead of a general program, I work one on one with clients to give the full customized support they need to be able to reach their goals. 

Do You Have a Busy Lifestyle with Practically No Time for Yourself?

Do You Often Feel Tired, Overwhelmed, Irritated or Frustrated?



Are You Experiencing Problems with Your Sleep?

Are You Afraid to Say No and Put Yourself First?

OR Are You Just Looking For a Higher Purpose in Life?


Then the Green Yourself Program is exactly what you need!

A 12-month program to help you reduce stress, be happier and healthier.

The program is designed to take you through 3 phases: an awareness & acceptance phase, a recovery phase and a transformation phase. These 3 phases will lead you to a stress-free, happier and healthier life! 


What's included: 

Personalized Transformation Plan

Bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching Session

Private Support

Access to a Private Platform

(full of ressources) 

FREE Access to Online Yoga Classes


Earth Souls Yoga



Kim Bresseleers is a holistic stress management coach and founder of Green Yourself. She helps people to achieve a more fulfilling life with less stress and more happiness!

For years, she struggled with various stress-related symptoms that eventually resulted into a burnout. Connecting with nature, a plant-based diet and happiness practices have really healed her life and transformed her into the person she is today.


She has the strategies to achieve your goals because she has been where you are! 

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the Green Yourself Program

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