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  • have a busy lifestyle with practically no time for yourself?

  • often feel tired, overwhelmed, irritated or frustrated?



  • experiencing problems with your sleep?

  • afraid to say no and put yourself first?

  • or just looking for a higher purpose in life?


If so, then this is exactly what you need! 

I'm so excited to support your journey to reduce stress, be happier & healthier, by connecting with nature and embracing a holistic, more fulfilling lifestyle! 

Meet Kim

Holistic Stress Management Coach

My name is Kim Bresseleers, a highly sensitive person, dog mom, nature lover and founder of Green Yourself. It's nice to meet you! 


For years, I struggled with various stress-related symptoms that eventually resulted into a burnout. Connecting with nature, a plant-based diet and happiness practices have really healed my life and transformed me into the person I am today.


Now I help others to achieve a more fulfilling life with less stress and more happiness!


Begin Your Journey Towards a Stress-free, Happier and Healthier Life Today.

“It's awesome, what you're trying to start, so many women out there needs this.”

- M. 

“Thanks for sharing this encouraging message. I practice the 5 Actions you mentioned and it really works.”

- Dianne L.

“I get a sense of positivity from your posts and love how that radiates to myself.”

- Barbara L.



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